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Easy Installment Plan

Need to furnish your home and but no cash to pay in full? We have a solution.

Scandi Financing is our company’s internal installment plan that let’s you buy furnitures at a fixed interest of 10% for 3 months and 15% for 6 months on top of regular price.

Compared to traditional credit cards and personal loans available in the market with 3.5% interest monthly, plus cumulative interest for penalties and hidden charges.

How to Apply?

  1. Prepare your documents : 1 day verification
    • Atleast 2 valid government IDs : Passport, Driver’s License, SSS, Phil Health ID
    • Proof of billing, this will be your delivery address
    • Proof of income, atleast 2 months pay slip
  2. Confirmed list of final orders
  3. Preferred delivery schedule (except : Thursday & Sunday)
  4. Submit to us via support chat @scandihomeph or email:

Your questions, answered.

  1. Are the delivery and assembly fees included in the monthly payments?
    • No, it will be paid upon the delivery date. Only the “item total” is subject for installment.
  2. Is there a notarized contract?
    • Yes, upon confirmation of your order, our team will prepare the Scandi Financing Agreement that you will review and sign upon delivery date, you will be given a notarized copy as well.
  3. Can I pay in advance?
    • Yes, we encourage pre payments with no additional charge. All payments have corresponding collection receipt.
  4. Can I have multiple installment plans?
    • No, to manage risk on our end we do not allow multiple installment plans.
  5. How can I pay my monthly due?
    • You can settle your payments via: GCASH, BPI QR, Bank transfer and PDC. This will also be provided to you upon delivery. Credit card payments not accepted.
  6. Will I be given a payment schedule?
    • Yes, upon confirmation of your financing order, we will ask for a convenient date for you, example: 15th of the month.
  7. Is there a reminder?
    • Yes, we send only 1 message prior to your payment schedule.
  8. Is this available nationwide?
    • Not yet, currently available only within NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas.

* Not applicable in pre orders, bulk orders with purchase order.

The management deserves the right to reject applications that doesn’t comply with the requirements and/or proven subject to fraudulent accounts upon verification.