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Pre Order Guidelines

Pre order is when you don’t need the item right away (ex. house renovation or construction, condo turn over, restaurant opening) and you are willing to wait 4 – 6 or until 10 weeks.

We do not encourage pre orders to clients who insists on a delivery date, as we cannot commit to it due to unforeseen delays in overseas transport, customs clearance and peak season congestion that is outside the control of our company.

Pre orders are subject to 30% down payment (non-refundable) provided with a collection receipt.

The remaining balance shall be paid upon arrival of the item at the warehouse or upon delivery date. All pre order items cannot exceed 10 days, unless fully paid. If two weeks, there will be a P100/day storage fee.

How Does It Work

  1. Client will confirm a pre order, settle down payment, get the scanned copy of receipt.
  2. Scandi will process the pre-order, endorse it to factory
  3. It takes approx. 1 week for the factory to collect orders, prepare materials and start production
  4. Depending on the order size and batch, it takes 15 – 30 days to complete the production
  5. Ship out from the factory to port, sailing to PH borders, undergo PH customs clearance.
  6. Scandi will inform you about the item arrival to warehouse, provide photos and prepare items.
  7. During ber months or in some cases due to weather conditions overseas, transport of goods can be delayed which is not controlled by the company. If this happens, you will be informed of any change in schedule.

Why is it non-refundable?

As a company we spend our resources processing your order, paying in full for the item at the factory and shipping costs. To manage our risk and set your expectations, we explain all the steps before you place a pre order.

Is there an exception?

Yes, in some cases that item arrived and it is not what you specifically ordered, then we will offer refund for your downpayment or if the item has damages and cannot be repaired.

Still have questions?

Send us a message @scandihomeph or email us hello@scandihomeph.com.

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