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Japandi Interior: Everything You Need to Know

Japandi interior

Japandi, as its name suggests, is an interior style that rose from the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design. These two styles emerged to create one of 2021’s rising interior design trends.

Japandi style dining area
Japandi style Dining Area

What is the Japandi Interior style?

Japandi interior is the love child of Japanese and Scandinavian design, both of which share the same principle of minimalism and zen.

The idea of this style is to maintain a calm and collected vibe in a space, while trying not to make it look too plain.

But how does the Japanese and Scandinavian styles become evident in this fusion?

Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality

The main ethos of this one-of-a-kind fusion is the combination of the minimalist charater of Japanse design, merging with the functional qualities of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

These two underlying concepts encompass the whole look of this style, which brings together natural elements like wood and plants with softer details found on fabrics and upholsteries.

Japandi aesthetic on a living room
Japandi Style Living Room

All about Wood

The Japandi aesthetic is mainly about natural elements, hence, wood is very prevalent in this style.

Light-colored wood, to be precise, is never not seen in a space that presents the Japandi style, and it is this quality that gives warmth to the interiors.

Albeit mostly filled with wood elements, Japandi interiors still create a harmonious balance between all the other facets combined together.

Japandi style Dining Area
Dining Area and Living Room in Japandi style

The Japandi Philosophy

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Japandi does not solely lie on its aesthetic, but rather on its underlying philosophy.

The philosophy that is grounded on the art of craftsmanship and finding the beauty in its simplicity.

One can never go wrong in incorporating this style in a space since this aesthetic, although fairly new, looks timeless.

To know more about what Japandi style is all about, head to this link.

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