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Outside Metro Manila orders

1. 50% down payment is needed for Shopee orders, and the other 50% will be paid through Shopee upon delivery. Once order is placed, cancellation is not allowed.

2. Since we’ll be needing to check the item first before dispatch, a delivery fee from the warehouse to our office will be charged, considering that we are not in charge of the logistics going to your location.

3. We are not in control of the logistics, but we will make sure to pack it well. If the item incurred damages during transit, we are not liable for it but you may report it to us and if we can have it replaced or deliver the parts, we’ll surely assist you. Please take note that delivery fee of the replacement will be shouldered by the client.

4. Shipping fee from Shopee will be based on your location, the weight and size of the package.

5. Note that we have to know the items first so we can check if it will be accepted by Shopee and the courier.

6. The item will be posted on our Shopee store once approved by Shopee and Courier.

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